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A focussed and purposeful treatment, sports massage uses a combination of deep, effective massage strokes, stretch techniques, releases, trigger points and taping. 

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Sports Massage

Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy:

  • Reduse tension & soreness in the muscles

  • Eases muscle pain

  • Improves joint mobility

  • Speeds healing of soft tissues injuries 

  • Increase lymph system activity

  • Improve circulation

  • Reduce blood pressure

  • Improves performance

  • Boosts the immune system

  • Stress relief 

Vas Xenitopoulos

Sports Massage

Deep Tissue Massage


Treatment Prices: valid until Sept. '24

30mins - £30

45mins - £40

60mins - £45

90mins - £65

FREE 15minute initial consultation,

with no obligation. 

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