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Deciding on counselling is a difficult decision and finding the right counsellor for you can be even harder - but counselling is known as a talking therapy for a reason so perhaps the thought of finding someone you can talk to, someone with whom you feel safe and who doesn’t judge you is not such a scary concept. I called my counselling service talk-it-thru for that reason as I believe talking and, more importantly, being heard underpins all counselling and is the first step to healing.  


Sometimes we don't want to trouble family members or friends and talking with those close to us can even be unhelpful as they can be too involved to give us the unbiased support we need. As a qualified counsellor you can be assured that I would have no personal agenda and would never criticise or judge you, instead I would offer you a safe and confidential environment where you can talk and we can work through things together.  I am here first of all to listen and then to use my counselling skills to help us understand any issues, either in the present or from the past,  that might be holding you back and then using this knowledge to work towards your better future.  


I am an integrative counsellor which means that I believe that we are all different and that one approach cannot work for each individual or couple in all situations and I draw on elements of  many therapeutic theories and practices to best help and support my clients.



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